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Jon updated a day ago

Invalid G0163 HCPC shows up on UB04 for "Oasis-D1 Start of Care" claim line instead of the valid G0493 HCPC

Invalid HCPC code G0163 keeps showing up on the UB04 for "OASIS-D1 Start of Care". We are using the "OASIS-D1 Start of Care (G0493(G0163))" task on the patient chart visit detail and I have tried changing the HCPC value for... (More)

Donna replied 2 days ago
Home Health

We outsource our coding so is there a way to know what charts are waiting to be coded?

Laurel replied 2 days ago
Home Care

When do we get a report to show the status of visits sent that includes incomplete status WITH the exception code that caused the incomplete status?

The EVV Exception Center under the Reports drop-down does NOT include any information the Sandata Aggregator has processed.

My agency is in the state of Indiana. EVV is federally mandated for PSA visits currently and HHA visits in 2023. When... (More)

Terrence liked a reply 2 days ago
Home Health

Why no response??????

Many of our recent posts have not been addressed by AXXESS. I notice responses on user errors but none on the issues involving AXXESS generated problems. When will somebody respond to the many issues brought to your attention. We need... (More)