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Johnathan updated 23 days ago
Johnathan Eaves
Director of Corporate Communications
The exciting news is finally here! This April, we hope to see you at AGILE - the first Axxess conference! It's an experience unlike any other and we know it's one you will love. It's time to be AGILE. Will... (More)
Stephanie commented a day ago
Terrence replied 2 days ago

The Authorization List CAN NOT be trusted!

Simply put, the Authorization List CANNOT be trusted.

We have the option in the company setup, on the Scheduling tab, Scheduling option set to: Alert the scheduler and prevent scheduling outside of authorizations.

Units are allocated to each month from... (More)

Terrence replied 2 days ago
Home Care

Populating skilled notes

Does anyone know what permissions the clinicians need to allow the previous skilled notes to populate?