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Share your knowledge and learn together.

Welcome to the Axxess User Community
Welcome to the Axxess User Community

Engage with others to share your knowledge and learn together.

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Recent Medicare Claims Submissions Issues

Palmetto has reported a list of system-related claims payment and processing issues. Click here to see those. CGS has also listed current system-related claims processing issues and resolved issues. See those here.

For further information on what our team... (More)

Home Health

Actual phone number to speak with someone.

I need an actual number to be able to call someone. Being on hold for over 2 hours is ridiculous. I think I have your message memorized and the fact that it is directing me back here, where I was... (More)

cecile followed 13 hours ago
Home Health

How do i get a rap to create for an MSP claim to go out within 5 days?

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Senior Manager of Corporate Communications

Healthcare Staffing Challenges in a Crisis: How to “Unpigeonhole” Your Interdisciplinary Team

A crisis within an organization is an opportunity for culture change. Don't let your hospice interdisciplinary team get pigeonholed at the expense of your patients. 

Unpigeonholing begins here: