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Share your knowledge and learn together.

Welcome to the Axxess User Community
Welcome to the Axxess User Community

Engage with others to share your knowledge and learn together.

Cullie updated 15 days ago
To help clinicians get the most from our point-of-care mobile applications that help shorten documentation times and improve patient care, Axxess is hosting a free online question-and-answer webinar on the latest Axxess Home Health and Axxess CARE software and mobile... (More)
Cullie liked a reply 7 days ago

Share Your Ideas With Axxess

We want to hear your ideas for our software, services and solutions!

  • Do you have an idea for a new webinar?
  • Is there some feature that you think would be a good addition to our software?
  • What else can we... (More)
Rachelle commented 37 minutes ago
Jerome Cadungog
Implementation Consultant


Thank you for choosing Axxess!

In Axxess we have several AR reports in our Report Center. Go to Reports>Report Center and it will be under Billing/Financial Reports sections. To better assist you, kindly call our support line 214-575-7711. We... (More)

stevez replied 3 hours ago

How to delete a test patient/chart

In Axxess Hospice, we created a test patient to get up to speed on the use of Axxess.  Now we'd like to delete the record/patient, but can not find a way to do it.  Can anyone help?