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Home Care
Home Care

Healthcare Project Manager

EVV Times NOT dropping to Actual Times Causing Payroll & Billing Issues


Over the past 6+ months our Agency has been noticing more and more EVV Times NOT dropping to Actual Time. The system ignores the EVV Time and continues to drop the Scheduled Time. Despite our ticket submission - we... (More)

Home Care
Janice Mitchell
Communications Specialist

Mobile eTAR Addendum

Axxess is pleased to announce the release of the mobile eTAR addendum in Axxess Home Care.

Axxess Home Care now enables users to complete eTAR chart addenda through the Axxess Home Care mobile application. This functionality facilitates seamless documentation management... (More)

Home Care

I would like to change my direct deposit and cannot figure out how

Senior Manager of Corporate Communications

Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Program Building Blocks

It's not just a buzz word: QAPI programs are essential, so we've laid out some steps to help you create one. 

QAPI program help: