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EVV Times NOT dropping to Actual Times Causing Payroll & Billing Issues


Over the past 6+ months our Agency has been noticing more and more EVV Times NOT dropping to Actual Time. The system ignores the EVV Time and continues to drop the Scheduled Time. Despite our ticket submission - we... (More)

Hello @Donna Graham2

I have tried a few different ways to achieve what you are looking for. Some of them were with settings and others with browser add-ons.

I have achieve a result that does look like it may help.... (More)

Axxess needs to fix their PCR Center and not have unpolished updates.

Recently, multiple issues have arisen from Axxess' PCR Center.

  1. The tasks with PDF attachments would block you from generating the final PDF to submit to Palmetto GBA (this has since been fixed)
  2. The finals are immediately sent out when you... (More)