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Axxess CARE User Group for Organizations
Axxess CARE User Group for Organizations
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Home health clients are invited to connect and ask questions for feedback and guidance from peers, Axxess staff and experts.

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Share Your Staffing Story using Axxess CARE

Our team is interested in your experience, and we’d appreciate your feedback around how we can improve through this four-minute survey. As an added bonus, we will send a $10 Visa eGift Card to each of the first 30... (More)

Cullie updated 3 days ago

Staffing Survey Results: How to Address Turnover and Retention

Gain critical insights from our 2021 report done in partnership with Home Health Care News. More than 700 home-based care professionals identified:

  • The business impact of staffing challenges and key solutions
  • The drivers behind staff turnover and mitigation strategies... (More)
Cullie updated 22 days ago

Webinar: Rethink Home Health Staffing: How to Plan for the Future of Nursing

The current national workforce shortages across the healthcare continuum reveal trends and opportunities to meet the future demand for clinicians. Organizations need to take action to address the waning supply created by the nation’s aging population and emerging home-based care... (More)

How to Watch the User Group Recordings

Recordings for all sessions will be available for viewing here: