We have submitted a ticket this morning for receiving the error message "Request Error" for a large majority of the tasks our staff has performed.  Some of these tasks will work on the 4th attempt after the staff member closes the error message and tries the task again, over and over.

This is not just one specific task.  This error message seems to be system wide.  Scheduling, Administration and Nurse staff have all told me they have been seeing this message all morning.

Last week on 03/08/2021, we submitted a similar ticket that was more specific to the nursing staff documents giving the "Request Error" message.

I was just wanting to know if other agencies are experiencing the same issue?  If so, have you put in a ticket for it?  Has Axxess responded to your ticket?


Thank you all for your feedback!  As a community, I hope we can help to make Axxess a better software for all of us to use.  At the very least, we can highlight the issues we all experience to show Axxesss where improvement is needed.


Thank you again,