Recently, multiple issues have arisen from Axxess' PCR Center. 

  1. The tasks with PDF attachments would block you from generating the final PDF to submit to Palmetto GBA (this has since been fixed)
  2. The finals are immediately sent out when you put in a UTN in the Pending Tab, even when the user has not marked the UTN as affirmed or not (what's the point of having the option to mark it as affirmed or non-affirmed if the system sends it out regardless) 
  3. Duplicates of each episode are created, no one has communicated an ETA on when it will be fixed. It is very confusing for the agency to understand which ones have been sent or not because there is a duplicate episode in the "Create PCR" section
  4. The PCR Center is not pulling correct Plan of Care information over into the final generated PDF from the PCR Center. You then have to go and download the actual plan of care from the patient chart to use for the RCD Submission. This is a new issue, ever since the "update" which just breaks down the tasks which is the next problem.
  5. The breakdown of tasks is completely unnecessary and makes more work, the original version of the PCR Center where you could click the items to include was fine. 

The reason I am making this post is that I think all of the agencies would like it if these 'updates' were tested before rolled out into the userbase, and announced. The updates should be tested with agencies who opt-in and should be tested for at least 2 weeks to figure out all of the issues, before making everyone endure all of the problems. Also, if there is a consensus around certain updates, Axxess should roll back the update until the issues are fixed, rather than it affecting everyone's stream of revenue.

Axxess, please don't roll out updates that are unpolished and unfinished. It causes a lot of headaches.