I have 8+ reports of issues from field employees not being able to clock-out of visits and 2+ reports of issues from field employees not being able to clock-in to visits.  This was all around the time frame of 12:00pm EST to 2:00pm EST.

I was curious if any other agencies had these issues reported also?

What ever was causing the issues has since disappeared.  There were many steps taken to determine if this could have been a local or device issue and this was not the case.  The affected devices ranged from old Android phones, new Android phone, Samsung and non-Samsung, iPhones and 1 Samsung tablet.  The field staff were located in 3 different cities while the issue occurred to them concurrently.  There were multiple field staff that performed a complete reboot of their device without any changes.

The issue was mostly with the clock-out process at the client signature.  It would seem that the clock-out data could not be transmitted to Axxess successfully.

If there are any other agencies or support that had any issues similar to this yesterday, it may be helpful to chime in.  The more information we collectively get to Axxess about issues, the better.

Thank you