We had many reports from July 15th, 16th and the 22nd of the Axxess mobile app not loading visit notes and the COVID screenings.  I had made a ticket for the 15th and 16th on the following Monday (18th) and a made a ticket for the 22nd as it was happening.

This issue have been resolved on the 22nd 3 hours after I had written a ticket, posted on the community page and called in to support about the issue.

I had described the issue with great detail but was never given any indication or reason on why this keeps happening.  Looking at the issue from my past experiences, it would seem that there is a web resource latency or availability issue.

The employees had tapped on the visit note in the Axxess app and were given the spinning circle.  The Axxess app would finally tell them "Failed to load the Note. Please try again later."

Has any other agency experienced these issues?

Axxess used to be less reliable, with this issue occurring between 2 to 6 times a month.  I am very grateful that this issue is less frequent.  However, there is no explanation on why or how this issue still exist.



Thank you