Did anyone else notice when the employee phone number input fields were recently changed (now includes country code), that the Employee's profiles that had only their existing Primary Phone Number (old input) migrated into the Secondary Phone Number (new input boxes) details?
This does not fundamentally break the availability of the Axxess system, but now there is extra work required to correct the mistake made by a programmer within Axxess that did not (or was not permitted to) test this update to the coding within the Axxess system.

This is just an example of how a live environment (Axxess system) that lacks the proper project management (or at least code testing) can easily cause issues. Thankfully this was a minor issue, but we are all aware of the major ones that take the whole Axxess system down.

Maybe Axxess should look into an unbiased article from PMI.org named "What is Project Management?"