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Does anyone know the protocol for using a nurse practitioner as signing physician? Does it change the Oasis? and how do I input it?

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Kari White
Kari White

Hi Christina,

Thank you for reaching out to us in the user community!  NPs & PAs can certify eligibility for the home health benefits and to establish and manage the Plan of Care provided such is allowable under state practice laws. As long as your state practice laws allow a nurse practitioner to sign the home health plan of care, entering and selecting an NP in Axxess is the same process as you would an MD.  Simply input their NPI number under Create > New > Physician.  This will pull in their information as well as confirm PECOS Verification.  Once your have entered the NP, you will then be able to select them as the Referring, Certifying and/or Attending "physician".  There is no impact to the OASIS if the certifying practitioner is an NP vs. MD.  I hope that helps to answer your questions.  

Thank you for being a valued Axxess Client!!  

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