Over the past 6+ months our Agency has been noticing more and more EVV Times NOT dropping to Actual Time. The system ignores the EVV Time and continues to drop the Scheduled Time. Despite our ticket submission - we have not been provided or found a reason, a solution or a workaround. The problem was small at first but now has increased to weekly (and unfortunately seemingly random) occurrences.

In Company Setup, EVV Times can be set to fall as actual time. For those who have to participate in EVV, we know we use the EVV time to pay and bill to stay compliant to the Medicaid requirements. If an Agency submits a claim with Units that do not match the EVV submission - the claim will deny.

There are several different "times" associated to a task.

  1. Scheduled Time - The original Task scheduled time.
  2. EVV Time - The time an employee clocks in/out using the Axxess HomeCare Mobile App. (Or the Adjusted EVV Time done on the backend)
  3. Actual Time - Depending on settings - the scheduled time or the EVV Time. Which is what shows across the system & is dropped into Payroll and Billing.

Our Agency has always been set to have EVV time fall into Actual Time. However, randomly the system will only drop the scheduled time, despite having an EVV Time for the task. We are notified by receiving a denied claim because of discrepancy in units submitted vs units in the EVV Aggregator in billing or complaints/inquiries from employees about over/under payment in payroll. This has resulted in a plethora of corrected claims and payroll adjustments. As us Agencies know, these corrections and adjustments translate to days worth of administrative time/cost. 

To try and catch these issues before hitting payroll and billing, without having to manually check every single task for the week - We are trying to use the Schedule Deviation Report. However, we have not found this report to be straight forward and clearly helpful as one would hope, as well as the number of inconsistencies it has as well. To be honest - if the system is not dropping the correct time into schedules, payroll and billing - its unlikely that the correct or at least consistent information will be pulled on a report.


Has anyone else noticed that despite an employee EVV in/out and/or EVV Adjustment is made - that the time dropped to Actual Time is incorrect?

We would appreciate any shared experiences, feedback or possible workarounds while this matter is hopefully addressed.