The Axxess Home Health software offers a download button to obtain a full chart for a client, however the Axxess Home Care software does not.

Have any other agencies requested this functionality?  We have had clients ask for their medical chart and this becomes a very lengthy process to complete.  HIPAA regulations states the following: 

"... a covered entity must transmit health information about the individual directly to any person or designated entity within 30 days (with the possibility of one 30-day extension). Covered entities are strongly encouraged to provide individuals with access to their health information much sooner, and to take advantage of technologies that enable individuals to have faster or even immediate access to the information."


I have had a ticket in for the Download Button for Axxes HomeCare and the ticket is currently in the status of "Short-term Roadmap" since May 20, 2023.

Does anyone know where information on this roadmap is?

Any insight and suggestions into this subject would be greatly appreciated.


Thank  you,

Another Axxess User