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  • The Choose Home Care Act would establish a cost-effective, patient-centered program under the Medicare Home Health benefit for seniors to recover in the safety and comfort of their homes after being discharged from the hospital. 
  • Choose Home would also provide support, training, and education for caregivers and family members, as well as add-on payments for additional services such as continuous remote patient monitoring, meals and non-emergent transportation. 
  • This legislation provides patient choice, significant savings to the Medicare program, and modernizes the Medicare home health benefit to address social determinants of health.

Contact your representatives through this Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare page to share your perspective and story. Every single voice matters and your support is appreciated. 

The future of health care is in the home, and Axxess is committed to supporting and empowering care at home organizations to deliver the best possible care to people in need. This includes actively engaging in shaping healthcare policy that enables everyone to access affordable, quality home-based care.