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Hope all is well I can not get any help for Axxess i have been with them for 6 years. I am trying to get this EVV working but can not get anyone on the phone.

Where am I?

In The Axxess Community you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!


Hi @Eric  

Thank you for reaching out on the Axxess Community page! We apologize that we were not able to connect over the phone but I wanted to give you a few helpful resources regarding your question. 

EVV starts at intake. First make sure that on intake the address was validated. This verifies the patients address matches what is on google maps for the GPS function to work. Then through the mobile app EVV must be started within 50 meters (1500 ft) of the patients validated address. I have included a link to the help center to show how to start and end all EVV and on that page there are even videos included on the bottom for additional help. 

Hope this was helpful! Happy Tuesday!



EVv and anything on iPhone app was not working for two weeks. Androids were working. May be an update issue

now iPhone EVV is working 


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