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How do I take a patient off HOLD??? Don't remember putting them on hold to start with!!! Is this new? cos i don't think I like it

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Good Morning @FRANCES ,

Thank you for your message.

The system automatically moves patients to the Inpatient Facility and Hold List when a transfer assessment is approved in the QA Center (or is in Completed status).

To take a patient off hold and resume care, please follow these steps:

Patients tab ➜ Inpatient Facility and Hold List ➜ Actions column ➜ Resume

Patients tab ➜ Patient Charts ➜ Change Status ➜ Resume

We do recommend that you or the superuser of the agency, submit an enhancement request with specific details about your request for our product team to review.

Have a wonderful day and Thank you for being a valued Axxess Client.


Hello @Temi,

Is this process the same in Axxess HomeCare?  The steps listed are referencing to Axxess Home Health (AgencyCore).  I can't find a write-up in the Axxess HomeCare Help Center for this process.

Thank you



Hi @Terrence ,

Thank you for the feedback. The process is different in Axxess HomeCare. 

This must be entered by following these steps: Client Center>Change Status>Active 

Clients will move from the Hospitalized census to a status of active once the status is changed.

Hope this information helps. Thank you for choosing Axxess!

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