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How do you do MAP of all the patients in the center who are currently active. I am seeing the day to day people but need a complete center map due to size of our area

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Christine Hernandez
Christine Hernandez

Good afternoon Shawn,

I'm not sure I follow your question, please feel free to contact our Support Line so that we can better assist with your question. Our Support number is 1-866-795-5990.

To view all active patient charts go to: Reports>> Report Center>> under Patient Reports>> Survey Census (By date Range)>> enter all parameters.

If further assistance is needed please feel free to reach out to our support line. Thank you!


On the main page a google maps pops up and shows you your schedule for the day and where they are located.  I am looking for a map that shows all of the centers patients and one that can be separated out by factors of visit type, i.e. nursing, physical therapy, Home health aid, Occupational therapy. 

This would make scheduling visits easier as we could group them up by location



Hello Shawn,

I am a fellow Axxess user.  Our agency uses the HomeCare software.  To clarify your question, are you asking about the "Today's Visits Map" within the "Axxess Planner" (first screen after login, but before selecting Agency on the left)?

I would like to agree that the ability to see all patients on a map with the ability to use filters would be very beneficial to use.  I would be very interested in this as a feature to incorporate into emergency preparedness. 

Has Axxess gotten back to you about any details on this inquiry?


Thank you,



Not at this time,


@Christine Hernandez on the day to day screen of the Axxess Planner there is a map of that days assigned patients.  What I need to know is if there is a way to map out the entire centers Patients?

Can we separate it out by PT/OT/SN/HHA ?  Can we also put in other parameters, like for instance color code for people seen 3x a week and those only seen 1x  a week?? 

Like Terrence pointed out this would extremely helpful with the emergency preparedness but also with scheduling patient visits, grouping of them.  Imagine if an area gets flooded we can pull up the map to show all of our patients in the affected area and help make medical arrangements, or recent ice storms causing days of power outages, getting them potable water and supplies would be critical. 

btw, I tried calling your help line, the pause between the time the recording ends and restarts is approximately 2 seconds at most.   I was on  hold for a very long time trying to get through. 

Thank you 

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