Our agency tried to use the above option in the company setup and found there to be issues when the employees would work over the scheduled time.  The authorization listing would not show the correct amount of units on the schedule and evaluating the selected authorization would not resolve the issue.

We currently have a ticket open for this issue and that is not going well also.

Our agency had decided to change this option, since there are issues when it is selected, and the "engineering team" has asked how this issue was developed and to replicate it.

I had explained in the ticket that while our agency would like to use this option and need the source of the issue resolved, our agency has worked around the issue by selecting the alternate option for the time being.

Has any other agency had issues with this scheduling option?  If yes, were you given any resolution on how to correct or prevent the employee from working over the authorized units?

With our example the employee had worked over the scheduled time early in the month and the Axxess system did not give us indication that the scheduled time at the end of the month would allow the employee to work over the authorized units allowed for the client service.