Simply put, the Authorization List CANNOT be trusted.  

We have the option in the company setup, on the Scheduling tab, Scheduling option set to: Alert the scheduler and prevent scheduling outside of authorizations.

Units are allocated to each month from the Notice of Authorization (NOA).

We schedule all of the units possible each month for each client as long as the hours do not exceed what is on the NOA.

When one of the scheduled visits runs over the scheduled time, for example, nothing indicates that the client is now over-scheduled for this example month.  In fact, sometimes the Authorization for the example month will now show available units that can be used.

The only way to know the truth of the situation is to manually add up the worked hours and scheduled hours and determine if the schedule is still on track or over.

Who else has had this issue with scheduling and authorizations?

Who else uses the option: Alert the scheduler and prevent scheduling outside of authorizations.?

Does anyone experience any of this with the alternative option: Warn the scheduler, and provide an option to continue scheduling tasks outside of authorization parameters.?

Are there any ideas on how this can be fixed or prevented?  (keep in mind, that there are many acceptable reasons why a visit may run over the scheduled time, and that the scheduler cannot be expected to manually check every client, every month.)