Has anyone had the experience of the set vital sign parameters not populating the OASIS D-1 SOC documentation?  We have our parameters entered in the company set up and it is enabled however, intermittently they do not appear when the clinician opens the OASIS D-1 SOC to document.  I have entered help desk tickets, provided patient names of occurrence (however the clinician manually entered the parameters in order to complete the documentation in a timely manner, and screen shots of our company set up but I keep getting asked for additional examples and have not had any resolve with the help desk support.  3 tickets have been entered at different times with the same issue and different occurrences.  If you have experienced, how was it resolved?  I see this as a safety issue and also an error we could be out of our company policy if entered incorrectly by our clinician if it does not auto populate.

Thank you for your feedback and any assistance!