I had the day off, but was told about the numerous issues with Axxess today.  There were issues with the mobile app getting visit notes to load, COVID screening and basic logins. The staff in the office could not load the web interface to schedule and manage visits.  The nurses could not do much when they did get logged in with their work.

I had pulled up the login screen to be presented with an error screen: 503 Service Unavailable  No server is available to handle this request.


Then later when I did get the login screen to load I noticed that there was a redirect request to a different domain.  How many domains is Axxess going to bounce around to?

It used to be from Axxess.com to then central.axxessweb.com and I think I've seen Axxess.net in some of the code breakdown. 

Now central.axxessweb.com is redirecting to identity.axxessweb.com from a page labeled Oidc - Sign-In | Axxess Router.  Page contents posted below.  OIDC is not the most ideal form of authentication for medical data...

Anyways this may be the same domain, but Axxess is still screwing with their data flow and no mention of heads-up or why or what is going on.  We, the customers, are still left in the dark.