This is clearly an issue!  Has anyone else noticed this behavior when working on those uniquely difficult schedules?

So the operations are as follows:  A visit that was previously worked by any user (Aide, RN, ect.), use the drag and drop function on the clients schedule to "copy" a new visit for the client.

That new visit has more than just the type of visit, time in, time out, biller source and user assigned.  There is also the signature that the user signed on the source visit of the copy also attached to the new visit.

If this action for scheduling is performed multiple times, such as monthly or weekly, the results is that these signatures keep stacking with the newly created visit by means of the drag and drop method.

I feel there is a major concern with this action that result in the possibility of Fraud and no less than confusion for the staff that needs to audit these records.

I have a ticket open with Axxess and have given many examples of the issue and how it occurs.  Their response today is to simply delete the extra signatures on the new visits.  If the scheduler has never know this was happening, how would they know to perform this extra work?


What are your thoughts on this matter?  I do not accept the proposed solution the Axxess "engineering team" has purposed.