When will there be improvement?  How would you expect agencies to retain good honest workers when the agency is not able to supply them with reliable software to do their jobs?  How long would you tolerate such repetitive issues?  Is there hope for a real resolution?

Many times a week I am given a list of health care aides that could not complete their full EVV visit details for one or more of their visits due to longer than acceptable loading times.  The story is always the same.  When an employee calls and tells the office that they cannot open the COVID-19 screening, or the visit note says "Failed to load the Note. Please try again later." we tell them to verify they have good internet connection, they open a video on YouTube or update the content on their Facebook feed and those applications work without issue.  Then we ask them to restart their phone and call us back.  The employee then calls back after letting their phone load and still has issues.

This is not a one time issue.  This is becoming the new normal.  A lot of the health aides don't even call in with their issues anymore for the sake of being late to every other client they have to visit for that day.  When the health aide does call, they already know what we will ask.  Data, GPS, Location services, signal strength, are they all good?  Check, they are, but the Axxess HomeCare mobile application is not able to "find" the information.

What choice is there left but to remove the cause of the problem?  Truly resolve the issue that causes this "always available" system from being so slow or removing the whole system all-together?  What would you do?