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Home Health
Kelsey Whitney
RN - Quality Assurance
Asked a question 2 years ago

General Advice for New QA (HH) RN? Does anyone have QA for dummies (Home Health) or some solid resources that I can focus on/read to learn and perform better in my position? I am very new to my position, it is definitely learning as you go. However, I would like to create some types of cheat sheets for myself QA-ing charts, reports, etc., and make sure they are in compliance, improving patient care quality, as well as becoming more effective at my job in general. Any advice?

Where am I?

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LaDawn Pierce
Implementation Specialist

Hi Kelsey,

Thank you for posting your question in the User Community! There are many useful resources linked on the CMS website to help get you acclimated to Home Health regulations, I will list a few of those here: 

Navigate over to our Help Center for on demand videos, user manuals, FAQ's, and additional training resources.  

For training resources related to the Axxess QA Center you can start here: 

Training Video: 

If we can provide you with any further resources or tools please feel free to reply back in this thread!

Your friend at Axxess,