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Asked a question last year

Hello, I am writing because I am frustrated with support. I used Kinnser software in my previous job and I can tell you support always understood what I needed and they always called me back. I call Axxess and I feel that your reps don't understand my issues. I asked to speak to someone local and weeks later, I am still waiting. Is this normal for Axxess?

Where am I?

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This is absolutely normal, the customer service from Axxess is consistently awful and slow.

Laurel Battle
Senior Implementation Manager

Hi @Denise Rodriguez Scheduler34, I apologize for your recent experience. Axxess is committed to partnering with your organization to ensure your needs are addressed timely and accurately. A member of our Client Experience team will contact you directly to discuss further. Thank you for choosing Axxess; we will connect with you shortly.


Laurel Battle