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Amanda Olson
QAPI Coordinator
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hey friends, Amanda from San Diego here. I'm the coordinator of my hospice's QAPI program, and we just "went live" with Axxess on October 1. I was wondering if you could share your experiences with using Axxess for QAPI purposes. For instance, what is your experience doing chart audits within the system? How do you go about it? Is there an easy way to see each quarter how many incidents have occurred, like falls and med. errors? I couldn't find anything on the reports page. My director asked me the other day how I was liking Axxess's "QAPI program" and I wasn't really sure how to answer. Other than approving everything through QA, I don't see much else. Any thoughts & feedback welcome! :)

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Zaundra Ellis
Vice President of Hospice Solutions

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for your patience and questions.  I am happy to help answer any questions that you may have.  Let's start with the chart audits.  I use the IDG Summary for each patient in the IDG Center to audit the patient charts.  While it is powerful IDG tool, it is also a great way to audit patient charts. When members of your IDG select Send Note to IDG Summary when documenting the Progress Toward Goals in their visit notes,  that documentation flows to the IDG Summary for that patient in real time.  This allows you to see their documentation, as well as, Physician Orders,  the Plan of Care, Medication Profile, Symptom Rating and Vital Sign Logs and Visit Frequencies.  For additional information on a patient, select the Quick Links next to the patient's name to navigate, in a new tab, allowing you to stay on the IDG Summary, to any additional information that you might need for a chart audit. I would love to see that tool that you are currently using.  That will allow me to give you point by point guidance on how to use our solution to meet your needs.

For the incident tracking,  you can see those in the QA Center.  I strongly suggest that whomever approves the documents in QA, to log use the Export feature to capture the incident reports before they are returned to the patient chart.  Once an incident report has been approved by QA, it is returned to the patient chart where you can see them by using the filter to Sort by Task.  We are working diligently to create a report that will track each incident by type, patient, date, team and other pertinent information that is captured in the report itself.  Please let me know if we need to spend time on this process.  I am here and happy to help. 




Laura Barnett
Axxess Senior Director, Product Marketing

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Axxess family! My colleague @Zaundra Ellis64 is your go-to person for this. She's currently at a conference in New York, but I'll make sure she checks in with you soon.