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Asked a question 2 years ago

How do you discharge a patient off a Transfer OASIS. Example: Patient was admitted to a hospital, a transfer was done, but the patient is not coming back home and going to a Skilled Nursing Facility for permanent placement?

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LaDawn Pierce
Implementation Specialist

Hello Donna,

Thank you for your question. To change your patient's status from Hold to Discharged; 

1. Open the patient chart and click on "Change Status" which is a hyperlink just below the patient's photograph. 

2. Once you open the "Change Status" hyperlink you will need to place patient status to "Resume" and click the Resume button.

3. Next you will need to "Change Status" again and select "Discharge" from the drop-down menu and then click the button titled, "Yes, Discharge." This process will move the patient chart to "Discharged" status.

If your agency is Medicare licensed,  you will need to ensure that the transfer summary has been sent to the primary care practitioner or other health care professional who will be responsible for providing care and services to the patient after discharge from the HHA (if any) in order to meet CoP G1022 (iii) "A completed transfer summary that is sent within 2 business days of becoming aware of an unplanned transfer, if the patient is still receiving care in a health care facility at the time when the HHA becomes aware of the transfer."

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