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How is Axxess addressing a 'complete' first billable visit if that visit is built into the OASIS assessment (which will not be required) to submit the RAP starting Jan 1? How will it show that the first billable visit is completed? I'm not grasping this

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Hi @Jenifer35 ,

Thank you for your message.

We will be removing the requirement for OASIS completion in order to submit the RAP to ensure timely billing based on CMS's loosened requirements, our system will use the scheduled date to allow for submission of RAP claims with billing period start dates on or after January 1, 2021 and follow the new logic updates outlined by CMS.ย 

Beginning January 4, 2021, the Billing Center in Axxess Home Health will enable users to bill both RAPs at the onset of the episode, and split-percentage payments will help organizations seamlessly comply with the upcoming billing requirements. For additional information, visit the Billing Center Updates58 page.

Hope this information helps.

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