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Erva Yarborough
Hospice Patient Care Coordinator
Asked a question 6 days ago

How should I enter a travel patient into the system? I am thinking I could just leave them in "Pending" unless a visit is needed unless someone has a better method. That way they don't falsely impact our census.

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Your idea would work-leaving the patient in pending status so it doesn't reflect on your census until the time came if the patient required a visit.ย 

If patient ends up requiring a visit, they will need to be flipped to 'active'. You can do this by utilizing the RN Initial Assessment and only filling out the red asterisks which would be a time in/time out and the Level of Care selection. I recommend entering the payer as charity so Axxess does not create an NOE or claims. You would be able to provide the 'original' hospice a copy of your agency's notes in order to be reimbursed for covering patient while in your area.

The patient will reflect on your census and need to be addressed in an upcoming IDG but this would be a simple discussion of stating patient was a 'travel patient'.

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