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Asked a question 11 months ago

I am currently trying to assign a RECERT to an RN and Axxess will not let me schedule it.The RECERT is due on Jan 1 2023 and I am trying to schedule it in the window 5 days previous. It will not let me schedule a D1 or an E oasis. It will only let me schedule a OASIS E on Jan 1 2023 and my nurse needs to get in the home before to do the RECERT, so not sure how to proceed. Any help would be appreciated

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Axxess Implementation Consultant

Hi Christina! Thank you for reaching out in the User Community!

Have you tried scheduling it by going to Schedule Center > Select Patient > Schedule Manager > Schedule Employee? If not, please try to schedule it this way and reach out if you continue to have difficulties.ย 

Thank you for being a valued Axxess customer!


Client Experience Representative

Hello @Christina48 ,

We greatly apologize for the inconvenience and understand the importance of this function. Our Team is diligently working to resolve this very urgent matter. We appreciate your feedback and patience as we work to resolve.ย 

However, we have been able to identify an alternative work-flow that should help get your OASIS D1 Recertification scheduled prior to January 1, 2023. Please plot the OASIS D1 Recertification on December 26, 2022. Then you can go to the task details from the schedule center and manually update the scheduled task date to the appropriate date. If you receive an error stating that you are trying to schedule the recertification outside of the 5 day window, you can manage the episode and change the end date of the episode temporarily. After plotting the OASIS D1 Recertification, you may revert the end date of the episode back to it's original date. Please let us know if you run into any other errors with this work flow.

Thank you for being a valued Axxess customer,