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Asked a question 2 years ago

I am the clinical director and have all permissions. I am having difficulty with adjusting the frequency for disciplines that have been added on. The SOC even says the PT frequency and the PT eval and POC says the frequency, but when I open the scheduler, it shows the PT frequency as 1wk1. How can I adjust the frequency for all disciplines?

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LaDawn Pierce
Implementation Specialist

Good day Alicia

Thank you for posting your question in the User Community! 

For a SOC: Visits scheduled and performed in the first seven days of the episode will have a frequency warning symbol in the Schedule Center, until the OASIS is approved. Once approved, the warning will be replaced with a green check mark symbol (as long as the visit falls within the ordered frequency). 

Frequency Change Orders/Add on: Users can document interim orders to replace visit frequencies for all disciplines starting at the effective date identified in the physician order. Users can also replace the ordered frequency for a single discipline by adding a new frequency and duration for the discipline and identifying an effective date under Frequency Change Order in the physician order. PRN orders can be added at any time and do not affect the current frequency and duration orders. You will see these orders update in the scheduler once the order is approved in the QA Center. 

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