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If I work for agencies on Axxess CARE, do they provide me tax documents at the end of the year?

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Good Morning Heather, 

Thank you for your question.

If a clinician is independently contracted for an agency through AxxessCARE and earns more than $600 within a calendar year, the agency is required to provide appropriate tax documentation to the clinician.

In most cases, clinicians must fill out and provide the agency with a W-9 document.

Once the appropriate tax document is complete, upload it as a PDF or take a picture of the document using the camera icon in AxxessCARE. Agencies who contract you through AxxessCARE can then access your uploaded forms to review and generate the appropriate tax documentation (e.g., 1099). Tax documents can be viewed and updated anytime in AxxessCARE.

Upload Clinician Tax Documents

To upload a clinician tax document to AxxessCARE:

  • Sign in to your AxxessCARE account.
  • Select Tax Documents from the three-line menu in the top left corner of your device.
  • Select Clinician DocumentUpload Document.
  • Upload the document by choosing a file, selecting from your library, or taking a photo.
  • Click Add.

It is your sole responsibility to comply with all federal, state and local tax obligations that pertain to all gross compensation you receive from agencies. We encourage you to speak with an appropriate professional for assistance in reporting your income to ensure compliance with any and all applicable federal, state, and local laws or ordinances.

Please refer to the link below:

Have a wonderful day and Thank you for choosing Axxess!

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