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Asked a question 14 days ago

Is there a reason that VS parameters are not populating for two specific clinicians routinely? Every SOC that they turn in is missing the parameters. It happens very rarely on other clinicians as well, but is 100% of the time on these two. I can't find anything in their Permissions that may point to the problem.

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Kari White RN
Implementation Consultant

Hello Megan,

Thank you for posting this question in the User Community.  Unfortunately, I cannot think of a reason that Vital Sign Parameters would not be populating for 2 of your users.  Users do have the ability to manually remove the VS Parameters from the assessment if they chose, but there is not a permission that would cause the parameters to not show.  I would recommend having your users clear their Cache and Cookies to see if that helps, otherwise, you may need to submit a ticket for further investigation into this matter.  

Thank you for being a valued Axxess Client!