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Donna Graham
Office Manager
Asked a question last year

Kind of a weird question but, is there a "dark mode" for Axxess? I have a floater in my left eye that has decided, after 5 years, to take up residence in my vision. The white screen has become an issue with this because if I'm driving or looking at something not white, I don't seem to have issues. So, I guess I'd like to know if there's a way to personalize Axxess. I changed my Google Chrome to dark mode but it doesn't affect Axxess. Help!?

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Sinquefield, Kaylin
Implementation Consultant

Hello, Donna! 

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing that! Your computer/laptop settings will likely be where you need to change the settings to affect your Axxess screen and rest of your computer. 

I tested it on my work laptop (Dell) and went to Settings>Display>Try the Brightness and Color or Night Light feature. You cannot customize the dimness on Night Light but you can under Brightness and Color. Hope this helps!

Thank you,


Hello @Donna Graham54 

I have tried a few different ways to achieve what you are looking for.  Some of them were with settings and others with browser add-ons.

I have achieve a result that does look like it may help.

First I am doing this in Mozilla Firefox.  Let me know if you only have Google Chrome and I can see what I can do.

I first changed the option in Settings > General > Language and Appearance, to Dark

Then Click on Extensions & Themes

In the top search box labeled "Find more add-ons" type: Dark reader

(It has a little robot looking head with goggles on)

Install the add-on, give it permissions and you're done!


I hope this helps, drop me a replay and let me know.


--Your friendly neighborhood Axxess User--