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Asked a question 10 months ago

Latency and "Loading" occur while navigating through Axxess at nights. Are there time periods or days Axxess is doing updates to their software? Is there a specific page to see status of service interruption/updates occurring?

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LaDawn Pierce
Implementation Specialist

Hello Maro,

In regard to period of time that you are logging in/software updates, with Axxess there is 100% uptime and we do not anticipate any downtime. However, if you experience slowness there are some steps that you can take which can improve speed;

First, try refreshing your screen (F5). If you continue to experience slowness,  clearing browsing history can help. Here are the steps that you can take;

Using Chrome:

1.) Go to SETTINGS

2.) Click on SECURITY and PRIVACY


4.) Select ADVANCED tab

5.) In the TIME RANGE, select ALL TIME

6.) Check all BOXES except for PASSWORDS and OTHER SIGN-IN DATA

7.) Click on CLEAR DATA

8.) After the clear data process, close all Chrome browser

9.) And then log back in to AXXESS

Thank you for posting your question in the User Community! 

Your friend at Axxess,