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Asked a question 3 years ago

Our hospice agency nurses have not been able to put their own orders in because it says that we do not have authority to put in a new task. So, admin is having to put in all of our new tasks, scheduling, and all Physician's orders. This is ridiculous. A "ticket" was created on Monday morning and nothing has changed. Efficiency in IT with axxess would be great!! Does anyone have suggestions about what to do to get axxess to fix problems in a timely manner?

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Zaundra Ellis
Vice President of Hospice Solutions

Hi Dacia, I am following up to ensure that you have received the information requested.  Most likely,  when each nurse/user was entered into the system, the permissions granted did not include the adding the tasks that you mentioned.  A user, with permission to edit a user profile, can follow these steps to verify that the permissions for the users include the ability to complete the tasks needed.  

  • After logging into Hospice, select People on the main navigation menu
  • Select People Center
  • Search for or select the user to be updated
  • Select Edit next to the user's name
  • Select the Permissions tab
  • Review the user's permissions, focusing on the Administration and Clinical sections, and update them accordingly

You can find additional information in the Help Center by using the following link.