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What is the best way to resolve SN goals when SN performs a SOC visit for therapy only case? I am encountering POCs where the SN added a couple of intervention/goal combos to be achieved by the end of the visit. This allows them to add homebound and medical necessity. But the goals are never resolved after, so the patient discharge eventually shows all SN goals unmet.

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Axxess Implementation Consultant

Hi Megan, thank you for posting in the User Community. 

Based on your organization's policies and procedures, we suggest the following:

1) If this OASIS has not been exported we suggest reopening it and resolving because then the DC summary will also be updated with the accurate goal status.

2) Users with the appropriate permissions, such as a QA, DON or Clinical Manager can address all discipline intervention and goals in the plan of care summary.

3) The QA Center is also an option to resolve these interventions/goals.  

If your organization's workflow is for the nurse to complete the OASIS SOC, they can document in a narrative what was addressed with the patient at their SOC visit.

The purple section can still be used to add therapy orders in the OASIS with the option of selecting the homebound status and medically necessity boxes adding all required narratives in the free text fields provided.

Hoping this information is helpful. Please let us know if we can assist you further. Thank you, Krystal.