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Asked a question 5 months ago

When focusing in maintenance therapy- what OASIS and subsequent visit notes are you assigning clinicians? I am familiar with the PT/OT maintenance visit but do not see a specific OASIS for maintenance whether SOC or recertification. I am also curious about COTA/PTA visit notes as I do not see maintenance as an option. Thank you for any feedback!

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BSN, RN, Implementation Specialist

Good day Shara and thank you for your question, 

The Oasis D1 and Oasis Recert or Assessment/Evaluation, Reassessment/Reevaluations would be the appropriate evaluations for maintenance patients. There is an option to select Maintenance as your focus of care on the Oasis in the Plan of Care>Summary Tab> Discipline Orders and Treatment. 

While there is not a COTA/PTA maintenance visit note in the solution, a custom note can be created and named OTA Maintenance visit or PTA Maintenance utilizing the Admin.> custom note manager feature. This note can be created utilizing the COTA/PTA visit as a foundation.

If creating a custom note, please be sure to add it to the payer fee schedule(s) for appropriate billing.

Thank you for your question in the user community. Have a great day.