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Axxess CARE User Group for Clinicians
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Is anyone else still having issues with the redirecting screen when logging in? Most computers will now allow them on, but we have one computer that still gets stuck on the redirecting screen. We've tried clearing the browser history and... (More)

Operations Manager

(AXXESS HOMECARE) Employees in the field cannot document or EVV in/out. Are other agencies having trouble getting into the system? How are we supposed to complete our visits?

Our employees have not been able to EVV or document since early this evening HST. We cannot submit a ticket because we cannot get into the system and unsure if anyone can address this immediately. We'd appreciate an update. Mahalo.... (More)

Update: This issue is fixed but the update ended up causing more issues.  Now I am unable to see my patient information in the mobile app.  The system is really causing some chaos in our work week.