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Axxess CARE User Group for Clinicians
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Terrence, Thank you for asking. If you were to navigate to your "My Account"> profile in the upper right corner>Settings Icon> Edit Profile> choose a title from the drop down list, and then courses are available according to title. 

LaDawn Pierce
Implementation Specialist

Hi Terrence,

Thank you for making us aware that you are unable to access this ticket. We apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing. Our dedicated team is aware and are working to resolve this matter as quickly as... (More)

Senior Manager of Corporate Communications

Five Ways to Increase Applications for Your Posted Axxess CARE Visits

Home health clinicians are using Axxess CARE to pick up visits. Use these tips to get more applications on your posted visits. 

Get your visits filled:

Hear from a Past Clinician of the Year Winner

Diana Weaver, LVN, was selected as a 2020 Clinician of the Year award recipient among thousands of clinicians using Axxess CARE. Listen to her describe what it was like to find out she had won.

Learn more about her and... (More)