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Axxess CARE User Group for Organizations
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Johnathan Eaves
Senior Director of Communications
Who should attend AGILE? You, that's who! The Axxess Growth, Innovation and Leadership Experience will bring together the brightest thought leaders, policymakers, technology innovators, and care teams to envision a shared future of healthcare at home. Get your tickets at... (More)


Is anyone else still having issues with the redirecting screen when logging in? Most computers will now allow them on, but we have one computer that still gets stuck on the redirecting screen. We've tried clearing the browser history and... (More)


I am new to Axxess.  Does axxess re-verify PECOS?

Senior Manager of Corporate Communications

Clinicians as Independent Contractors on Axxess CARE

Did you know clinicians who pick up visits on Axxess CARE can be considered independent contractors? Not only can they supplement their income, but these contractors have certain tax benefits. 

Who qualifies as an independent contractor: