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PT/INR charges for collection for Non Medicare Patients

When collecting a PT/INR using an agency supplied point of care CoaguChek on a nursing visit for a non medicare patient, how do you charge for the supplies or the drawing?  How is the PT/INR billed?  Thanks.

Electronic Visit Verification

How do your turn on the Electronic Visit Verification requirement for all visits in Axxess? In the company set up, I could only find an area to set up a vendor for Electronic Visit Verification submission to payors. Thank you... (More)

Christine Hernandez
Client Experience Representative

Good morning Julie, 

The Medication Profile does not disappear, it should still be showing under the Quick Reports for This Patient section in the chart. 

Christine Hernandez
Client Experience Representative

Good afternoon Maureen,

All OASIS Quality Improvement reports are now available in iQIES and will no longer be available in the CASPER Reporting application. You will be able to pull reports in iQIES.

If further assistance is needed please feel... (More)