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Axxess Training and Certification Program Surpasses 20,000 Users

Help us celebrate the news that the Axxess Training and Certification Program has surpassed 20,000 users! The online learning platform launched in June and currently has about 2,000 organizations enrolled with more joining every day. 

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Senior Manager of Corporate Communications

Axxess' Commitment to Interoperability and Unmatched Culture Attracts Top Industry Veterans

You know your culture is unbeatable when it attracts talent like this! We would like to formally welcome industry veterans Robin Van Sickle and Tyler Bullock to Team Axxess. Join us in congratulating them! 

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Emily Genoese
Communications Manager

Health Literacy for Care in the Home

Do you know how your patients' health literacy can affect their health and compliance with their plan of care? The latest Axxess blog explores the connection:

Did any other agencies have issues with the Axxess app yesterday?

I have 8+ reports of issues from field employees not being able to clock-out of visits and 2+ reports of issues from field employees not being able to clock-in to visits. This was all around the time frame of 12:00pm... (More)