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Palliative Care
Palliative Care
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Emily Genoese
Communications Manager

Five Ways Healthcare Executive Leaders Can Drive Health Equity in Their Organizations

There is a handshake between quality and equity: nurturing equity in an organization raises the quality of care. Axxess' Zaundra Ellis shares five ways leaders can drive health equity in their organizations: 

Palliative Care
Janice Mitchell
Communications Specialist

Productivity Points, Partner Connections Icon in Patient Charts

Axxess is pleased to announce the release of the following enhancements in Axxess Palliative Care:

Productivity Points

Axxess Palliative Care now enables organizations to assign productivity points to different task types in Company Setup. Based on the productivity points assigned... (More)

Emily Genoese
Communications Manager

Identifying Your Leadership Style

Do you know your leadership style? The latest Axxess blog highlights six different styles and explains how knowing your preferred style can help you grow as a leader:

Christina Andrews
Director of Professional Services

Looking to Reduce Cost & Protect Your Revenue? Listen below to learn how!

During this brief coffee chat with Jason Banks, Vice President, Post-Acute Care Sales at nVoq, he explains how in partnership with Axxess your organization can:

nVoq Link:

  1. Lower QA costs
  2. Protect your revenue
  3. Improve work life integration

Join us as... (More)