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Patient Engagement
Patient Engagement
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What's going on with the redirect from the login screen?

I had the day off, but was told about the numerous issues with Axxess today. There were issues with the mobile app getting visit notes to load, COVID screening and basic logins. The staff in the office could not load... (More)


Is anyone else still having issues with the redirecting screen when logging in? Most computers will now allow them on, but we have one computer that still gets stuck on the redirecting screen. We've tried clearing the browser history and... (More)

Christina Andrews
Director of Professional Services

Medication Access - is your partner timely and reliable?

Take a break, and listen to Matt Repec, Director, Technology Solution Implementation at Enclara Pharmacia!

He highlights, how Enclara Pharmacia enables hospice organizations of all sizes improve quality of life.

Enclara Pharmacia Chat:

*Digital Innovations

*Clinical Support

*Flexible, timely and,... (More)