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Patient Engagement
Patient Engagement
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Johnathan Eaves
Director of Corporate Communications
Who should attend AGILE? You, that's who! The Axxess Growth, Innovation and Leadership Experience will bring together the brightest thought leaders, policymakers, technology innovators, and care teams to envision a shared future of healthcare at home. Get your tickets at... (More)

When using the drag-&-drop method to copy a visit that has been previously completed, did you know the user signature is copied into the new visit?

This is clearly an issue! Has anyone else noticed this behavior when working on those uniquely difficult schedules?

So the operations are as follows: A visit that was previously worked by any user (Aide, RN, ect.), use the drag and... (More)

Johnathan Eaves
Director of Corporate Communications
The exciting news is finally here! This April, we hope to see you at AGILE - the first Axxess conference! It's an experience unlike any other and we know it's one you will love. It's time to be AGILE. Will... (More)
Christina Andrews
Director of Professional Services
Axxess Technology Enabled Growth - OASIS-E