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Patient Engagement
Patient Engagement
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Christina Andrews
Director of Professional Services

Journey along with Nurse Tammy and her patient Allen, in the Axxess 15 minute OASIS-E Walk!

OASIS-E training is easy and fun using the Axxess OASIS walk.  Learn how most OASIS items can be collected in just 15 minutes.
Senior Manager of Corporate Communications

Community-Based Palliative Care ROIs

Is it worth it? That's what providers are asking about community-based palliative care programs, and we have a way to answer that with our newest blog series that gives you tools to measure ROI for your program.

Explore your return... (More)

Johnathan Eaves
Director of Corporate Communications
The exciting news is finally here! This April, we hope to see you at AGILE - the first Axxess conference! It's an experience unlike any other and we know it's one you will love. It's time to be AGILE. Will... (More)
Christina Andrews
Director of Professional Services

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