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Patient Engagement
Patient Engagement
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Is there a way to print/save as PDF the entire client chart with all records for when you receive a request for a complete client chart & records? I know Axxess HomeHealth (AgencyCore) can do this but what about Axxess... (More)

Terrence, Thank you for asking. If you were to navigate to your "My Account"> profile in the upper right corner>Settings Icon> Edit Profile> choose a title from the drop down list, and then courses are available according to title. 

HHCN Webinar: Create a Quality Improvement Program for Home Health and Hospice Value-Based Success

- Dr. Andrew Awoniyi, ND, RN-BC, Director of Clinical Education and Research, Axxess

- Charity Farnsworth, MBA, BSN, RN, Senior Vice President of Consulting Services, HealthCare ConsultLink
- Zaundra Ellis, Senior Director of Hospice and... (More)

Brielle S
Medical Records/Billing/CMA/Intake Coordinator

What are some tips and tricks for keeping track of patients needing documents signed still or any other tips and tricks that have truly helped you while using Axxess that others may or may not know?