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Did anyone else have issues with the Axxess Mobile app over the last two weekends?

We had many reports from July 15th, 16th and the 22nd of the Axxess mobile app not loading visit notes and the COVID screenings. I had made a ticket for the 15th and 16th on the following Monday (18th) and... (More)

Any Florida Home Health Agencies that have experience with Florida Blue / Care Centrix?

Hey everyone,

I am looking to become a provider for patients with FL Blue, so I gave FL Blue a call after registering for a FL Blue number on their provider portal site. I had to sign up with Availity... (More)

Axxess needs to fix their PCR Center and not have unpolished updates.

Recently, multiple issues have arisen from Axxess' PCR Center.

  1. The tasks with PDF attachments would block you from generating the final PDF to submit to Palmetto GBA (this has since been fixed)
  2. The finals are immediately sent out when you... (More)
Senior Manager of Corporate Communications

The Benefits of Occupational Therapy in Home Health

Does your home health organization offer occupational therapy? Here's evidence on why you should. 

See the benefits: