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The focus on revenue cycle management becomes critical under the Patient-Driven Groupings Model, #PDGM. In this webinar, you can learn more about the impact of #PDGM on the revenue cycle and share operational, clinical and financial best practices.
The PDGM Intake Alerts within #Axxess Home Health notify clients immediately if a diagnosis will be payable under #PDGM. These instant alerts appear during the intake process to help you know if more information is needed to be paid for... (More)
#Axxess has created an interactive training tool that is designed to let users learn how different factors generate one of the 432 payment resource groupers.
Using historical #OASIS and visit information, this analysis shows you how #PDGM will impact your agency's revenue, based on past episodes. This data is more accurate than any comparable revenue impact analysis in the industry, since it assesses your data... (More)