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Revenue Cycle Management
Revenue Cycle Management
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Axxess needs to fix their PCR Center and not have unpolished updates.

Recently, multiple issues have arisen from Axxess' PCR Center.

  1. The tasks with PDF attachments would block you from generating the final PDF to submit to Palmetto GBA (this has since been fixed)
  2. The finals are immediately sent out when you... (More)

Terrence, Thank you for asking. If you were to navigate to your "My Account"> profile in the upper right corner>Settings Icon> Edit Profile> choose a title from the drop down list, and then courses are available according to title. 

Senior Manager of Corporate Communications

Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Selects Axxess as Healthcare Technology Partner

Axxess has been selected as the healthcare technology partner for Liberty HomeCare and Hospice. We are excited to help them leverage our entire ecosystem to streamline their operations, grow revenue and improve retention. 

Read more about today’s announcement: