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Johnathan Eaves
Director of Corporate Communications
Who should attend AGILE? You, that's who! The Axxess Growth, Innovation and Leadership Experience will bring together the brightest thought leaders, policymakers, technology innovators, and care teams to envision a shared future of healthcare at home. Get your tickets at... (More)
Christina Andrews
Director of Professional Services

Workforce Optimizing Problems? Surescripts has the answer for You!

Join me in brief conversation with Bri Palowitch, Informatics Clinician at Surescripts, as she highlights how they are solving for resource allocation.

Surescripts Tool:

Comment below for an AGILE discount, to meet her and her organization at AGILE. Invest in... (More)

Christina Andrews
Director of Professional Services

Need Help Optimizing Your Workforce? Here's the tool for YOU!

Hello Axxess User Community, join me in a brief conversation with Annie Erstling, the COO of Forcura! She highlights how Forcura is focused on solving for resource allocation for you and your organization!

Forcura Tool

Comment below for an AGILE... (More)

LVN, Axxess Care Marketing Specialist

Hey there Lorna. Thanks for your question. You can view Communication Notes through the Patient’s Profile. To view patient communications, open the visit by going to Schedule, tap on the visit you are working on, and then select Patient Profile.... (More)