I’m an experienced biller but new to Axxess.  I cannot find any detailed instructions on how the billing process is supposed work.  

I’ve wasted so much time looking through the webinars…Lots of webinars but none that are specific to the workflow.  Nothing!!  Seriously?  I was told training is available for $250/hr with a 4 hour minimum!!!  Sure let me ask my new client to pay for training to use an EMR he is already paying and arm and leg for.

I can’t believe how many different places you have to go just to research a claim!  Good grief the biller has to delete 4 claims for a non-admit?  What a waste of time!  

I’m hopeful that someone can point me in the right direction.  

So far I’m not a fan and super thankful only one client uses this EMR!  Definitely won’t be signing anymore Axxess clients unless someone can shed some light on how the billing is intended  to work.  

Why make billing more complex than it already is?